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The Book
"Thanks so much for a copy of "The Island." It is a significant, even a benchmark, addition to the historiography of our entire area. I have not been able to read it all so far. As you might have anticipated, once word got out that I had a copy there has been a waiting list of others....It will be unfortunate if much of the obvious contribution of the book is to be overshadowed by what will be the reaction that some of your suggestions and conclusions undoubtedly will evoke."
"It is beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! Yesterday when I opened my mailbox...and laid my eyes on "it" a big lump came up in my throat and forced some tears.
 I've acquired a love of books and appreciation for writers...."The birth of Ginny"-well its so precious to me. As I browse...what joy and pride I feel....Thank you! Thank you! What a gift! What a keepsake!"
"While spending time in NC I got a copy of your book at the library. I so enjoyed your book! It perked several heart strings for the follow reasons: love of midwifery and American history...love of childhood beach memories dating 50 years on the Outer banks...I'm a Tar Heel whose family is connected to NC thru the love of fishing and crabbing."
 Wonderful experience and a beautifully written history of one of America's least known gems
"Your valuable book encourages "Happy Memories." I am so grateful for it!"
"At first I was so excited I paced through it--looking at the 'pictures', etc. And scanning the index! Then I set about reading. Of course-the special parts for me are the 'ancestors,' 'O'Ma,' 'Margaret,' 'Miss Lillian.' It is my home-forever!"
"I am quickly--too quickly--nearing the end of THE ISLAND: PERSONAL IMPRESSIONS. It has been on my night table these past evenings, and I have deeply enjoyed traveling back as I've read your wonderful, personal account. Somehow you have pulled together the history and facts of the Island, including dates and numbers and genealogy, and yet maintained a personal narrative, reminding the reader (this reader, at least) of the spirit and personality of the Island. I've loved every word!"
"I'm struck by your excellent research--almost tireless--and your even-handed approach to the realities that the Island now faces. I concur; we cannot go home again."
"My youngest...who has had very little to do with the Island, being so far away since an infant, has expressed her enthusiasm for the book. She said, on Saturday, 'Dad. I've hardly started reading, but I love...how he says that 'Islanders' call it the Island. with a capital 'I', because, for us there is only one Island.' You struck a chord! Thank you."
"...thanks for the wonderful contribution you have made to the history of Harkers Island and all of Carteret County. I don't think that any serious study of our local history can ignore what you have done. The older I get the more respect and appreciation I have for what your father accomplished. I am particularly appreciative of his dogged determination that allowed him to wage his battles in the face of what was less than unanimous support from his own friends and neighbors. I have known very few other like-minded men (or women) who would have remained so undeterred and focused."
"In short, the 'progressive' elements of this community that you mention and hope to revitalize remain hidden from view from this observer. That your father was able to tap into an earlier vein of that attitude might well be among his greatest accomplishments."
"...I think that your stories are a wonderful account of what life was like for you in a special time, in a special place, and--even in the Harkers Island milieu--a somewhat unique situation....Your paternal family had a strong tradition of 'book learning' and even 'higher education."