Charlie Bill had arranged to have her towed to Beaufort and docked in front
of Paul’s Machine Shop where her new/old engine was to be lowered with
hoist-and-crane down into the virgin hull. The “new” motor was an old motor
that Sid, the annual crab buyer from Tangier Island, had found in a junk
yard for $25 ($370/2007). Sid dropped the six-cylinder Oldsmobile engine
off into Charlie Bill’s front yard on his first trip to the Island that Spring.
From there it eventually went by pickup to the Machine Shop at the west
end of Beaufort’s Front Street. The RALPH would be towed there and boat
and motor would be married.
The honeymoon began with a slow journey through Taylor’s Creek and out
into the open waters of North River and Back Sound. The old engine purred
all the way to its new home off Hancock’s Landing.
Charlie Bill said he stood on shore looking at his new bride. She was beautiful!
Selections from Chapter 6
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