Selections from Chapter 7
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               The Beaufort News Thursday, August 17, 1939
    To Build Bridge from
Straits to Harkers Island
Highway and Small Group Met Saturday
A Harkers Islander Speaks
Islander Jimmy Guthrie wrote a letter to Aycock Brown, editor, in the same Beaufort News edition of 17 August 1939:
“If the bridge cannot possibly enter our western end from Beaufort, then by all hazards, and for the sake of the children not yet born, please do not strike the side of this Island from the Straits. The Island is due east from Beaufort, runs parallel with Cape Lookout...has approximately 1200 people, is noted for its beauty, it is a splendid location as a summer resort. In this day and time, in fact, we can boast on as fine a set of navigators, captains, surf men, pilots, and everything as anywhere on earth. Therefore, we as a free people, have the right to reject or to receive anything anywhere about this community we so desire.
The wire came from Beaufort, like everything else. So, why not send the bridge here from there?
Such a dream if it could come true would bring about lots of business....When we ask for water the State wants to give us vinegar.”
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