Selections from Chapter 11
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WALTER: I remember that time.

    A is for anchor, you all know
    B is for bowsprit, hangs over the bow
    C is the Captain as he goes around
    D is the deck where the sailors are found
    E is the Ensign, our own Mr. Big Blue
    F is the forecastle, where is the crew?
    G is the galley where we all stand
    H is the harpoon that never does strand [?]
    I is for the eyebolt under the deck
    J is for the jib that’s very well set
    K is for the keelson down in the hole, and
    L is the longboat, we often times row
   M is the mainsail so stout and strong
   N is the needle that never goes wrong
   O is the oar to our jolly boat, and
   P is the parent, wherever she floats
   Q is the quarter where our Captain stood
   R is the rigging, it’s always good
   S is for the staves, to help our feet
   T is the topsail, we never do reach
   U is for the Union, which we adore
   V is for the vintage, we’ll pan our floor [?]
   W is for whale work, it be our kind;...
   ...the other three letters will soon come in rhyme.
   X on our ship has no place
  Y is the yardarm and the grace
  Z is for the zinc on the bottom you know
  With the boat and the cargo we’ll all go
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