Selections from Chapter 14
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Actually, he had no “Business Plan.” He carried most of the details around with him in his head. County Planners had tried to get him to hire professional designers and consultants but he didn’t consider he needed such. He had learned over the years not to trust too many others. Honesty was a hard quantity to witness...especially amongst politicians and bureaucrats...Democrats OR Republicans. He had spent his life challenging political machines each time he attempted to improve the Islanders standard-ofliving.

He was not about to get on his knees this last time!
Mr. Earl knew about the woods and the Willow Pond and had a vision of streets and houses and kids playing in the beautiful front yards of Bermuda Grass. He had inherited all that land. The Island’s young couples needed land to build their homes...their parents had divided and divided their small lots until there simply wasn’t room left for more houses. And he felt a bit guilty, inheriting all the land. He decided to share his inheritance with his Island friends. He would make it easy for them. Little or nothing down...no interest...no payment due dates...and he would keep the deed, but he would let them build on his land until they had paid for it. They wouldn’t need mortgages. They could begin their house with merely a bedroom and kitchen and somewhere to sit and finish the house later as their families grew and they had more dollars.
They would trust him and he would trust them. If
something happened and they had to change their plans, he would just give them their money back and sell the lot to another.
His retirement in 1966 gave him the time to plan and execute his vision.
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