Selections from Chapter 18
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What had Brown acquired?
Not much.

He was able to raise lots of cattle on the property for several decades.
But his Island has possessed precious little for human habitation since
Ebenezer bought all of Craney in 1730. His granddaughter, Rachel, lived there for some years. And the Nelsons and Bells finally lived there.

But nautical charts have always shown the Island to be marshy except
for a narrow strip of sand paralleling the north shore bordering the
waters of the Straits. We shall never know if the Davises decided the property wasn’t worth a Court fight.

But its history has meant little to the main Island.
The Nelsons and Bells finally relocated...some to the larger Island.
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Note the sandy strip
paralleling the north
shore where the Nelsons and Bells lived in 1900!