Selections from Chapter 19
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If a “Down Easterner” is a citizen who must cross North River bridge to reach their domicile, then, yes, indeed, Island citizens would be Down Easterners. But that definition is fraudulent when applied to Islanders. Heading east across North River bridge one can see Harkers Point looking south...not looking east. And all one has to do to abolish the myth of the Island as a Down East community is to ponder, for a moment, what the 2009 Island would be like if the 1939 fight to get a bridge to Beaufort had succeeded! The Island would be in a crescent of vibrant communities running from Morehead City to Cape Lookout!!
The fact that Island citizens still, today, are forced to travel seven miles north and then seven miles south in order to go three miles west is ludicrous and makes the notion of the Island being in a Down East orbit even more ludicrous.
“That’s progress. We have to keep looking forward...not backwards.”
(Mr. Earl’s words in June 1978 at the dedicatory services for the Island’s new Wachovia Bank.)
South shore
view in 1950
South shore
view in 2009...
same location
A future of progress??